Concert Choir

About the Concert Choir

Concert Choir is currently the only choir offered at North Cedar High School.  This class consists of approximately 40 students, freshmen through seniors, and meets every other day during 5th period.

The main goal of Concert Choir is to introduce students to all types of music, and through rehearsal and performance of this music, enable the students to interpret and appreciate the various styles.   Furthermore, the goal for the older and more advanced students is to continue the fundamentals of singing and music learned and to develop music at a higher level.  Students are challenged daily with the fundamentals of music theory, sight-reading, regarding melody and rhythm, as well as the fundamentals of basic singing, biology of the voice and music styles.

Concert Choir performs 4 times a year and participates in State Large Group Contest.  Students are required individual/group lessons each quarter.  Participation in Solo/Small Ensemble Contest is strongly encouraged, although not required, and students have opportunities to audition and be nominated for numerous honor choirs and festivals.

At this level, students are assessed on a standard grading scale.  Grades are given for rehearsals, lessons, performances, concert reflections and other assignments as given.