Hello students and families! Please look through this website carefully as it is full of important information. We will update the website weekly to keep you informed  about what is going on in our classroom. We look forward to working with you and making your child’s first grade experience a positive, busy and memorable one!

This Week's Homework:

  • Utilizing the website Teach Your Monster to Read will reinforce what we are working on in class.
Sight Words:
  • Please practice your child's sight words as they come home in their sight word bag.
  • Reading "bingo card" is due Monday, April 1st. 
  • Read for 20 minutes a day and write down what your child is reading on our reading log. 
  • Have your child continue to practice their math facts! This will help build their math fact fluency, which they are assessed on through gumball math.
  • Utilizing online programs such as Xtra Math and Prodigy will help build math fact fluency, as well as reinforce concepts and skills that are taught in class. 
Language Arts:
  • We are going to learn about nouns (person, place, animal, thing).
  • You can help reinforce this at home by asking your child to name various nouns in your home, or by saying a sentence to them and asking them to name the noun.
Things to Remember/Important Dates:  

Your child has a reading "bingo card" for homework over spring break. It should be returned Monday, April 1st.

Our spring break will be from March 25th-March 29th. School will resume Monday, April 1st.

Spring Pictures will be taken on April 3rd. Sibling pictures can be taken in the spring. Please see the March school newsletter for more specific details regarding spring pictures.

Please have your child utilize Freckle at home to practice their reading, phonics and math skills! 

Please do not send any food items in for your child's birthday. If your child brings any sort of food item they will be asked to take it home. Your child does not need to bring in anything for their birthday, however, if they would like to they could bring in a pencil for their classmates, they could donate a book to the classroom library or they could read their favorite book to the class.

We are not allowed to pass out birthday party invitations even if the whole class is invited. Please do not send them to school. If your child brings invitations to school, they will be sent home.

We will have snack in
 the morning. Please send a healthy snack, such as fruit, vegetables, fruit cups or applesauce. Please send one of these options with your child to school for snack.We have students who are allergic to nuts. Please do not send any snacks with peanut butter, please do not send any snacks made out of nuts or where nuts are handled. Go to the "Snack" section of this website for more specific information regarding snack.