Everyone Smiles in the Same Language

Hello!  My name is  Mrs. Vicki Fountas and I am James Giles School's ELL teacher.  
I work with bilingual children, English Language Learners, and their families, 
as they transition their lives in America, and here in the Norridge Community.  
I also collaborate diligently with classroom teachers in Grades K-8 during our daily PLC meetings.
Together we find strategies that best support our students' needs, analyze assessment data, 
& plan appropriately to support our students in the classrooms.

Please feel free to reach me at 708-453-4847 ext. 134, leave a voicemail, email me anytime 
at vfountas@norridge80.net, or schedule an appointment for us to meet. 

Parent Resources
English Language Proficiency Standards for ELLs:
PARCC Accommodations for ELLs (Grades 3-8):
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Online Encyclopedia of Writing Systems & Languages:
Colorin Colorado
Google Doc with weekly updates of sites for teachers with ELLs:   
Illinois Resource Center:

Student Resources
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