Parents & Students,

Welcome to Third Grade!  We are looking forward to a great year with each of the third grade students. Third grade is a wonderful and exciting time!  You have two dedicated and enthusiastic teachers this year.  Our names are Mrs. Mysel and Mrs. Zywiciel. We have over 30 years of teaching experience between the two of us.

Would you like to know a bit about your teachers?  Let's start with me, Mrs. Mysel.  I earned my undergraduate degree in elementary and middle school education from Miami University of Ohio.  I earned my master's degree in Educational Leadership from Northeastern Illinois University.  This school year will begin my fourteenth year teaching and my twelfth year in District 80.  I have taught grades second through eighth.  I am so excited to be a Leigh Tiger this year!  I am a mom to two beautiful children. Molly is four years old and is in preschool this year. Theo was born in June and has been a great addition to our family! Both kiddos have kept me busy all summer.  I love helping Molly and Theo learn new things each day just as I love helping students learn at school each day!

Here's a bit about me, Mrs. Zywiciel.  This will be my nineteenth year of teaching.  Seventeen of those years have been spent in fourth grade and one year in fifth grade.  This is my first year teaching third grade and my first year as a Leigh School Tiger! Before  coming to Leigh, I spent seven awesome years at Giles.  I taught fourth grade at Erickson Elementary in Bloomingdale, IL the other eleven years.  I earned an undergraduate degree in elementary education and a master's degree in reading from Northern Illinois University.  I am mom to three wonderful children.  Jack is ten and is in fifth grade this year, Ryan is eight and is in third grade, and Anna is five and is starting kindergarten.  This summer we went swimming almost every day, participated in our library's reading program, and took a vacation to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Starved Rock.  Being a teacher and a mom, I really value and understand the home school connection.  I view parents and teachers as a team, working together to best educate each child.

Each week, you will start off with Mrs. Zywiciel, who will teach every Monday and Tuesday.  Mrs. Mysel will wrap up the week teaching on Thursdays and Fridays.  Wednesdays will be exciting, as we will switch off teaching the class - what a nice change of pace.  Parents, we will attach the schedule to our weekly newsletter.  You will know exactly who is in the classroom teaching every day.

Mrs. Mysel and Mrs. Zywiciel have successfully implemented a job share experience at Giles since the 2014-2015 school year. Parents enjoyed having the eyes and resources of two experienced educators sharing data and observations to create the best possible program for their children.  Students enjoyed the change of pace that a different teacher brings mid week.  They said the weeks flew by!

Students miss vital information when they are not in class each day.  Of course, if your child is sick, then she/he should stay home.  However, attendance is imperative.  If your child must be absent and you can inform us before it occurs, please do.  We will prepare assignments in advance.  If you cannot inform us of an absence ahead of time, please call the office and make a request so homework can be prepared on the day of the absence and sent to the office for pick up.

Parent and school communication is very important.  Parents can stay involved in their student's academic life in a variety of ways.

    1. Create a profile to log on to the Parent Portal.  You can keep up-to-date with your child's grades on PowerSchool. If you need a form to sign up for a username and password, please pick one up in the school office.

    2. Confirm that your child has her/his plan book each night, and see that they have completed their homework.  If possible, check her/his homework, and address any mistakes.

    3. Communicate with your child's teachers.  If your child brings anything to your attention that we should know about regarding their classroom experience, please let us know.  Please know that the best way to reach us is via email at smysel@norridge80.net and ezywiciel@norridge80.net.

    4. Come to parent/teacher conferences.  Conferences are held for two nights in November and February.

    5. Check your child's Friday Folder.  Weekly communication comes home each week in the Friday Folder.  Ask to see that folder each Friday, and be sure it is returned to school on Monday.

We will work hard to ensure a seamless transition for the third grade students.  Our rules, expectations and routines will be the same, no matter which of us is in the classroom.  We will be in constant communication with each other, talking frequently to discuss student learning, curriculum and data.  We are really excited to work with you this year.

Again, we look forward to a great year.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs. Mysel & Mrs. Zywiciel