This week we will continue working on summarizing and retelling the beginning, middle and end of a story. We will be reading a variety of fiction books with a winter theme while working on retelling. The students will need to remember that when retelling a story, they are telling the story in a short way including only the important parts. The students will be assessed on December 14th.


This week we will focus on long vowel words. We will be working with the CVCe pattern for all the long vowels.


This week we will be publishing our small moment story and celebrating by sharing them with our class this week.


We will be finishing up chapter 5 this week. We will continue to find missing numbers in addition and subtraction number sentences, use related facts, read word problems and choose an operation, practice different ways to make 20 and identify if number sentences are equal or not equal.

We have started gumball math! Your child should be on 4 minutes at this point, if they are not, please work on their math facts at home. Please be sure to go over these pages and work on your child's math facts at home. The Xtramath.org website is a great resource for practicing math facts and building your child's math fact fluency.


We will continue reading about animals and taking notes on what animals eat, where they live and how they protect themselves.

  • Reading log is due back every Monday. Please make sure your child is doing to writing and answering in complete sentences.

  • If you would like to send money for your child to shop, we will be going to Santa's Workshop on Wednesday 5th in the morning.

If you are able, please donate a NEW pair of pajamas to our school pajama drive by Monday, December 10th!

Home Work

The reading log is due back Monday December 3rd. This is your child's homework and should be completed by your child. Please make sure your child is completing all of the writing, as this is their homework. Please see the example on the back as to how they should be answering the questions. Thank you in advance!


We will have snack in

the morning. Please send a healthy snack, such as fruit, vegetables, fruit cups or applesauce. Please send one of these options with your child to school for snack.We have students who are allergic to nuts. Please do not send any snacks with peanut butter, please do not send any snacks made out of nuts or where nuts are handled. Go to the "Snack" section of this website for more specific information regarding snack.