6th and 7th Grade Math

6th & 7th Grade Math

Miss Piszczek


Dear Parents,


Welcome to 6th & 7th grade Math at James Giles School.  If you have any questions please call at 453-4847 (Ext. 131) and leave a voice mail message and I will call you back.  You may also email me at cpiszczek@norridge80.net.  Your concerns are important and I will reply as soon as possible.

Text Reminders:

Text Remind Information is available now please see link.  Students, parents, grandparents and anyone important in a your child's life may subscribe.


Digits is our online math curriculum.  Students will be issued passwords during the first week of school.  There is no physical textbook, however, students will have a workbook with sample problems.  Sixth graders will need a spiral notebook in which to do assignments and take notes.  Digits offers a variety of online help and tutorials to help students working at home.  I will be available before and after school for help.  Dates and times will be posted in my room.  Students can also email me with questions. 

Assignment Policy: 

There will be assignments every day that the class meets, but students are allotted ample time to work in class.  In the case of absence due to illness, please have students log into their account and watch the daily lesson and attempt some problems before they return to school if possible. This will eliminate a good deal of makeup work when they return.


Assignments and tests will be submitted online.  In addition to the online homework students will be required to turn in supporting work written in their workbook or notebook. Credit will not be given until appropriate written work is submitted. Assignments are due at the start of class and and will be considered late if submitted after that time. Ten percent will be taken off for assignments turned in late.  

Assignments will be posted in my room and text reminders sent daily.  Weekly assignments will be posted on my web site. 


 Our Curriculum is based on the common core standards.  Specific standards for each grade level are listed on my Goals page.




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