NSD80 Sight Word Information

Sight words are an extremely important piece of the reading puzzle.  They are a group of common words that good readers and writers recognize instantly and automatically.  Many of the words on the district sight word lists are simple yet essential words such as of, and, is, to, and there.  
Sight words make up approximately sixty to seventy percent of written material.  If a reader has practiced and mastered these words, he or she will be able to read a variety of texts.  An essential reason for mastering sight words is the brainpower that becomes available for comprehension tasks if students do not have to decode these words.  If students are able to use their brainpower for comprehension tasks, their understanding of text becomes much deeper.
Students in grades Kindergarten through third are assessed three times each year on the District 80 Sight Words.  It is to each child's benefit to practice some the District 80 Sight Words for his or her grade level each day.