In District 80, the students, teachers, administration, and parents must work together to maintain a respectful, responsible and safe school environment that encourages effective teaching and learning.  

Through our District PRIDE Program, we support and reinforce positive student behavior.  Giles School highlights Lion Pride while Leigh School celebrates Tiger Pride.  Lion/Tiger Pride represents our character goals: to be respectful, to be responsible, and to be safe.  These goals highlight our core belief that care and concern for ALL individuals within our school walls is important.  PRIDE aims to create a school culture that celebrates individual and group success.  PRIDE also provides guidelines and expectations for positive learning behaviors.  For those students who display inappropriate behavior, consequences are clearly in place to avoid continuation of such behaviors.

This site lays out the expectations of PRIDE for the school year.  First, it identifies our rights and responsibilities within the school community.  Secondly, it identifies the particular behaviors we hope to see from each and every one of our students throughout the school building. This site also references the positive reinforcements that are in place to award such behaviors. Thirdly, this site highlights potential consequences if such behaviors are not exhibited.