Eligibility Posting Instructions

Eligibility grades will be automatically extracted from a teacher's grade book each Wednesday at 6:00 am.  Teachers will have the ability to override the extracted grade until Thursday at 6:00 pm.  

IMPORTANT!! If a teacher needs to make a correction in their grade book so a student is not ineligible, 2 items need to be corrected.  First, the student’s average in the grade book and second the current Eligibility grading task.  The update to the Eligibility grading task must be manually done.   

After the student's average has been updated in the grade book, complete the following steps
1. Click on the Post Grades link in the grade book
2. In the Task field, navigate to the correct Eligibility Week
3. Change the student's letter grade to reflect the student’s current average
4. SAVE!!!!
Once the correction has been saved, then the offices will see the correct average. 

 Directly Posting Eligibility Grades Handout Video
 Manually Posting Eligibility Grades     Handout Video
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