Eligibility Posting Instructions

Eligibility grades will be automatically extracted from a teacher's grade book each Wednesday at 6:00 am.  Teachers will have the ability to override the extracted grade until Thursday at 6:00 pm.  If you want to manually override the extracted grade,  please see the following instructions. 

If your grade book is current, you can post the grades directly to the Eligibility task. Follow the “Directly Posting Eligibility Grades” instructions below.  

If your grade book is not current, you will need  to manually enter the eligibility grades. Follow the “Manually Posting Eligibility” instructions below.

 Directly Posting Eligibility Grades Handout Video
 Manually Posting Eligibility Grades     Handout Video
 Eligibility Posting Schedule click here 
 Eligibility At a Glance for Teachers click here