Parent Portal FAQ

 New Account 1.   How do I get a Norman Public Schools' Parent Portal Account?    
 Web Address for Parent Portal 2.   What is the web address for the Norman Public Schools' Parent Portal?
 Forgotten Username and/or Password 3.   I have forgotten my username and or password, how can I retrieve my account information?
 Disabled Parent Portal Account     4.   I have been locked out of the Parent Portal and my account has been disabled.  How can I gain access again?
 Demographic Changes         5.   I need to make some changes to my demographic information, how do I do that?
 Email Address Change 6.   I need to change my email address, how do I do that?
 Adding a Student 7.   Not all of my students are listed on my Parent Portal account, how can I get them added?
 Viewing Grades and Assignments     8.   How do I view my student's grades and assignments on the Parent Portal?
 Attendance 9.   I have a question about my student's attendance, who should I contact?
 Grades Question 10. I have a questions about my student's grades, who should I contact?
 Password 11. Can I change my password for the Parent Portal?
 Lunch Account 12. I have a question about my student's lunch account, who should I contact?
 Teacher 13. How do I contact my student's teacher?
 Schedule for Next School Year 14. When will student's schedules for the next school year be available on the Parent Portal?
 New Student to Norman Public Schools 15. My child will be attending Norman Public Schools this coming school year, when can I get a Parent Portal account?
 App for Smart Phone     16. How do I get the Parent Portal App for my Smart Phone?
 District App Code for Parent Portal 17. What is the district code for the Parent Portal App?
 Update Security Preferences 18. The portal is asking "Would you like to update your security preferences now?" What should I do?
 Email Address Not Recognized 19. I want to recover my parent Portal user information but the portal is not recognizing my email address. What should I do?
 Messages (email or voice) from Norman Public Schools 20. I want to change my settings for receiving email or voice messages from Norman Public Schools, what should I do?