It's Almost Duck Derby Time!!
Saturday May 6th

Below are the opportunities for you to get involved that day.  We appreciate you all and look forward to a fun day! 


All volunteers will receive a DUCK DERBY STAFF T'SHIRT. When signing up, please list your shirt size in the "MY COMMENTS" section of the sign-up page.


**All shifts are scheduled for two hours.  This allows for 30 minutes before the event begins, and 30 minutes after it ends.


Set Up Crew—8AM-11AM—8 people

This will require some possible moving and lifting. 

There will be lots of coffee!


Entrance Gate/Ticket Booth

10:30-12:30—3 People

12:30-2:30—3  People


Food Area Entrance/Bottled Water Sells

**Here you will check for wristbands to enter the food area.  Wristbands will be sold at the entrance to the event.  Sell bottled water.

11:00-12:30—2  People

12:30-2:00—2 People


Cotton Candy Booth

10:30-12:30—2 People

12:30-2:30—2 People


Sno Cone Booth

10:30-12:30—2 People

12:30-2:30—2 People


Obstacle Course/Bouncy House/Duck Games

**Here you will check for wristbands and monitor the activity.  Limit the amount of participants at one time and make sure participants are behaving properly.  

10:30-12:30—3 People

12:30-2:30—3 People


Prize Table/Winner Pickup Table

**Here you will man the table throughout the event and at the end award prizes to winners.

10:30-12:30—2 People

12:30-2:30—4 People


Floaters—Cover for restroom breaks, assist with supplies that may be needed for booths, help keep the players busy, fill in where needed.

10:30-12:30— 4 People

12:30-2:30—4 People


Clean Up Crew/Tear Down—1:30PM-3PM—8 people

This will require some lifting and moving.


If you have any questions, please contact A'Licia Gray at or Shannon Vickrey at

Make sure you buy your Duck Derby T-shirt!!

Click on the link below to order


Duck Derby Rules

1.       2,000 or less, numbered rubber ducks will be sold.  Ducks 1 through 500, which is the first heat, will be dumped into Paradise River at 11:15.  The top 100 and last 25 of each heat will be pulled from the race and placed back into the dump bucket. This will continue for Heat #2 which is Ducks 501 through 1,000, Heat #3 which is Ducks 1,001 through 1,500, and finally Heat #4 which is Ducks 1,501 through 2,000.  The 5th and final race will consist of the top 100 and last 25 of each of the 4 heats (500 ducks total).  Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 placings along with 100th, 200th, 300th and last place.  There will also be lucky ducky drawings.  Those winners will be fished out of the pool of ducks left in the river.  NHS Football Coaches along with race crew members are the only people allowed in or near the race course.  Only those individuals will be allowed to handle the ducks.

2.       You do not have to be present to win.  Prizes awarded with the presentation of your “Duck Adoption Certificate”, certificates are required to claim prizes or photo ID.  All prizes must be claimed by Friday, May 12th.  

3.       Unsold Ducks will be pulled from the race, and will be posted at the race on derby day.  Players are responsible for any adoption certificates that are not returned.  If an adoption certificate is not returned that duck will be pulled from the race, unless derby crew can confirm it has been paid for.

For More Information on the Duck Derby contact:

A'Licia Gray: 
Shannon Vickrey:

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