Welcome to NHS!

Citizenship - Scholarship - Character

Welcome to the Highside

Student orientation:The first 2 days of school will look a little different than previous years. Please share information with your students (we will post on social media as well). We have a number of key issues that we must address with students:

Digital citizenship, CPR awareness, student handbook, and the discussion and processing of our new school mission: Citizenship - Scholarship - Character.

We will use the first 2 days to make all of this happen and are very excited to lay a great foundation as we head into the academic year.

**0 Hour WILL meet as regularly scheduled on Thursday. The rest of the schedule will be navigated through advisory classes.

**MNTC students WILL remain at NHS for the duration of these 2 days as well.

Thursday August 20th

Session 1 (1st & 2nd hrs) 9th - Citizenship-Scholarship-Character; 10th - Digital Citizenship; 11th - Handbook; 12th - CPR
Session 2 (3rd / 4th hr) Tiger Talks
Session 3 (5th & 6th hrs) 9th - Digital Citizenship; 10th - Handbook; 11th - CPR; 12th - Citizenship-Scholarship-Character
Session 4 (7th hr) Regular class

Friday August 21st
Session 5 (1st & 2nd hrs) 9th - Handbook; 10th - CPR; 11th - Citizenship-Scholarship-Character; 12th - Digital Citizenship
Session 6 (3rd / 4th hr) Tiger Talks: Reflection
Session 7 (5th & 6th hrs) 9th - CPR; 10th - Citizenship-Scholarship-Character; 11th - Digital Citizenship; 12th - Handbook
Session 8 (7th hr) Regular Regular Regular Regular

Link Crew Orientation
All freshmen and new incoming students to Norman High are welcome to join us on August 19th at 7:45am. Students will need to be dropped off in the East parking lot for the best entrance. There will be Link Crew leaders guiding incoming students to the correct location. Link Crew is a group of juniors and seniors who have gone through leadership training and are prepared to introduce your student to Norman High and all it has to offer. During the day we will be introducing your student to the facilities, a quick run through of their schedule, getting to know their fellow classmates, and given the opportunity to question these fabulous juniors and seniors to get their expertise on “how to survive high school.” We will be wrapping up our Link Crew experience at Noon.

 Freshmen and incoming students arrive at 7:45am, no later than 8am.
 Students are introduced to the facilities and their teachers, their leaders, and given the full Link Crew experience from 8am to 12pm.
 The following day is the First Day of School, and now your student will feel more prepared and confident entering Norman High. 

Matt Johnson, Link Crew Coordinator 
Please feel free to email me and I will respond as quickly as possible. Any questions, comments, or concerns I will happily do my best to do what I can for your students. Thank You!

Norman High School