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Principal: Mr. Bell
Counselor: Mrs. Burton
Gifted & Talented: Mr. Tims
Library: Media Center
Music: Mrs. Bell & Ms. Boyd
Physical Education: Mr. Bruton & Coach Rudd

Interpretes disponibles.
Interpreters available.  

Mission Statement: With the belief that every child has the right to learn, Cleveland Elementary School provides a whole-school experience for each child involving academic excellence, social development, good citizenship, and    life-long living skills. This environment encourages parents to be partners with students and teachers in learning.

We have made every reasonable attempt to ensure that our web pages are educationally sound and do not contain links to materials that violate the District's Student Policy on Internet and Internet Safety for the Computer Network.
THANK A TEACHER and Target will give the school of your choice money!!!

Thank you to the following for supporting funds for our National Championship Shirts.

Thank you Luke Bauman Family

Thank you Parker Andrews Family

Thank you Kate Proctor Family

Thank you KREF

Thank you Sooner Carpet Cleaning

Thank you Sooner Bowling

Thank you Rachel Tipton Family

Thank you Jackson & Ella Talley Family

Thank you Tag & Lucy Gosney Family

Thank you Premiere Dance Company

Thank you Wes Byant Family

Thank you Kellam Family

Thank you Tyler Howery Family

Thank you McKown Family

Thank you Lori & Allen Thrower

Thank you Mrs. Regina Bell

Anonymous Awesome Grandparents.

Check us out on Sooner Sports!

Nerd Nation Family Dance

Random Things At Cleveland 2014-15

Do you shop at Homeland?  Sign up for a Homeland card.  Its free and you can help Cleveland.  Use the code 61103 to link your card to Cleveland and we receive money!  It's a great way to support our school. Just ask for a card the next time you are at Homeland.  

Save those soda pop tabs.  Cleveland Elementary saves soda pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House.  Last year we collected over 10,000 tabs that helped one of teachers Granddaughters who had major heart surgery at 1 month.  We hope to help someone like baby Darcie again this year!
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