7th Grade

Welcome- Look Over Procedures on Google Classroom:
We are doing Keyboarding Throughout the Year:

Keyboarding - Typing Quest - Goal: 

Keyboarding Speed Grading Key
20 WPM or more= 100
16-19 WPM = 97
14-15 WPM = 93
12-13 WPM = 90
10-11 WPM = 87
8-9 WPM = 83
6-7 WPM = 80
4-5 WPM = 77
2-3 WPM = 73

This week we will be covering Vocabulary:Paint - You all have been great about learning the tools, now we are ready to apply that knowledge.  We will begin the paint picture contest. 
Paint- We will begin learning Paint today in class using videos for each of the tools or a group of tools.  You should be able to get through five videos by the end of the hour, there will be a quiz over paint tools so make sure you are paying attention.  Remember that you should watch a little of the video, pause it, go try out what you learned, go back and watch a little more, pause it, try it, etc.

This week we will be covering procedures of the classroom, assign seats, create icons, and
setting up webpages. we will be starting Typing Quest, Learning. com, Code.org as well as vocabulary for the computer.

Posture and Stretching:

In school and at work, we spend more time at a computer than ever before. It’s important to use proper posture and to take breaks from time to time. Stretching can help to sooth tired upper back, shoulder and neck muscles. The Mayo Clinic site has videos to help you learn stretches that you will use throughout your life.    Mayo Clinic Videos

Proper Posture when keyboarding is very important when spending a great deal of time using a computer.

Posture and Technique PowerPoint

Kid President How to disagree


Typing Lessons and GameTyping Master

Answers to Computer Basics Vocabulary Review

Learn more about Microsoft Paint