Faculty and Staff

Underlined names are links to the teacher's personal website. A list of email addresses for Longfellow Faculty and Staff members may be accessed here:  NPS Faculty and Staff Emails.

6th Grade Web Site

6th Grade Green Core:

6th Grade White Core:

  • Rhonda Slatten, Language Arts
  • Cynthia Mauldin, Math
  • Holly Shultz Burns, Science
  • Destiny Warrior, Social Studies
Resource Teachers:
  • Traci Argo, Gifted Resource Coordinator
  • Gail Richardson, Math Resource Coordinator
  • Terri Street, Teacher Librarian
  • Kendel Hogan, Instructional Coach 
  • Donna Brown, Speech Pathologist
  • Mary Pace, Literacy Tutor 
  • Lauren Palmer, Indian Ed Tutor
  • Margaret Brown, English Language Learners
  • Marilyn Crynes, Library Assistant
  • Summer Boismier, Tutor

See the Administration page for Principals, Counselors, and Office Staff 


7th Grade Green Core:
  • Sheila Huebner, Language Arts
  • Michelle Bratcher, Math
  • Marshall Cole, Science
  • Carrie Perez, Social Studies

7th Grade White Core:

  • Polly Base, Language Arts
  • Kim Lindsay, Math
  • Dana Maddux, Science
  • Tina Barber, Social Studies
  • Lauretta Coker, Art
  • Martha Griffith, Band
  • Stacy Clarbour, Computer Ed
  • Patricia Call, Family & Consumer Science 
  • Steve Waddell, Orchestra
  • Jeff Griffith, Physical Education
  • K. K. Tiffany, Spanish
  • Nick Bartell, Speech and Drama
  • David Davisson, Tech Ed
  • Christine Hrubik, Vocal Music

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8th Grade Green Core:

8th Grade White Core:

Resource Lab Teachers:
Teaching Assistants:
  • Pam Adams
  • Jessica Bradley
  • Lori Burleson
  • Ashley Church
  • Coti Farley
  • Karla Graves
  • Sandi Graves
  • Cassandra Hankey
  • Amanda Kennedy
  • Debbie Mantooth
  • Jasmine Sturgell
  • Cris Thatcher