Dress Code

The dress code at Longfellow applies to school and all school-related events. Any form of dress which is considered contrary to good hygiene, distracting, disruptive, or detrimental to the purpose or conduct of the school will not be allowed.

  • Clothing must fully cover the trunk of the body with no exposure of the waist area – none of the “Bs” should be visible: backs, boxer shorts, breasts, bra straps, and bottoms. Sagging pants, halters, tube tops, crop tops, thin straps or see-through tops are not permitted. Shorts that are too tight or too short are not permitted. Pants or tops showing any type of undergarment are not allowed.
  • Clothing promoting beer, alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, vulgarity, violence, sex, hate, racism, pictures of weapons or other inappropriate imprints are not allowed.
  • The wear of or use of “gang” related clothing, colors, or paraphernalia are prohibited, including similar items of clothing worn by several students (for example: Confederate flag, bandannas, the anarchy or swastika symbols, or chains).
  • All head gear/coverings including ball caps, hats, bandannas, du rags and any other apparel for the head are not allowed inside the school building without permission. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Pajamas and house shoes are not appropriate for school.
Students wearing unacceptable garments may be required to replace the garment with an acceptable alternative before being allowed to return to class. Parents may be asked to pick up the child from school or bring a change of clothing if there is no solution at school. Repeated violations may result in disciplinary action.

- Excerpted from the LMS Handbook, 2013-2014, pp. 3-4. 

This page was updated September 26, 2013