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Longfellow Middle School is a vital part of the community, educating middle school students in east Norman since 1972.
The school earned distinction as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2010. The 2015-2016 school year marks our 19th year at our current location. For more about the history of our school, see the About Us page. The links at the left contain a variety of information. If you cannot find the information you are seeking, please email one of our webmasters. 

Interpretes disponibles
Interpreters available.

Construction Forces Office and Library Relocation

The remodeling of the Longfellow office and library areas has forced temporary relocation of those parts of our school. Until construction is complete the main office will be housed in the front of Science Hall on the corner of Ponca Avenue and Gray Street. Our counselors and administrators have moved to temporary spaces across the campus, and the library has been moved to the south half of the Tech Ed building, just north of Miller Hall. Anyone wanting to see a principal or other staff member should sign in at the temporary office, and Longfellow secretaries will help visitors find the person they wish to see. 

Volunteer Opportunities at Longfellow

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Parent and community invol
vement are important parts of school effectiveness. There are many ways in which parents and other interested adults can lend their expertise and presence to enhance the educational experience for students. The icon link at left leads to a webpage with detailed information on needed volunteer positions. Please click the icon to learn more about ways you can contribute to the education of young people. 

Dedicated Attendance Phone Line

We have a dedicated attendance phone line!  If your child is going to be out for any reason, please call 366-0543 to report the absence.

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