Each year, Norwood-Fontbonne Academy makes a devoted effort to help support those in our immediate and extended communities- our "dear
neighbors" who nee the help of our voices.  Our Outreach Program focuses on a number of different need based groups.  As a community we try to spread our focus to local, national and global efforts.  Below is a list of different opportunities we have undertaken this year and a few upcoming ways to help those around us.

Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets

    - Every year at Thanksgiving time, the NFA community reaches out to our friends at St. Hugh of Cluny.  Every NFA homeroom is given a family name, they then collect food items (veggies, stuffing, rice, beans, turkeys, etc) and wrap them in decorated boxes and bins.  The 6th grade CSC then helps to deliver all of the items the day before NFA leaves for the holiday.  This year, NFA sponsored 35 St. Hugh families.

Camden Gift Giving Program 

- A continual favorite of the NFA community, and similar to our Thanksgiving project, each NFA homeroom sponsors one child in Camden (through Sr. Helen Cole, SSJ and the Guadalupe Family Services).  The NFA students go shopping for their child, looking for things on a wishlist as well as other personal gifts.  The gifts are delivered to Camden by the 8th grade students. 

MLK Day of Service

    - NFA will celebrate its 13th year as part of the city wide MLK Day of Service.  On Martin Luther King, Jr Day, over 200 students, parents and friends will gather in the Fontbonne Commons to join in prayer, make PB and J sandwiches and assemble health/hygiene bags (shampoo, lotion, sanitizer, tissues, soap, toothbrushes, etc) to help support the homeless men of Philadelphia.  

Reach Out and Read

A year long focus at NFA has been Reach Out and Read.  The program is sponsored by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Reach Out and Read put books directly into the hands of children from ages birth to twelve.  It re-enforces the importance of reading in the full development of a child.  More information and a Wish List can be found by accessing the VCF.