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    Second Grade Math utilizes the Houghton-Mifflin Series along with numerous resources such as
manipulatives and technologies in the classroom. Lessons are introduced in a hands-on

approach and build on prior knowledge. Mathematical vocabulary is taught and reinforced

through frequent use. Students are called to higher level thinking through problem solving

and often work along with other students to "talk out" solutions. Student assessment is varied

and ongoing, and includes performance assessments, application of learned skills, and daily

informal reviews. 

    My objective is not only to give my students a solid understanding of basic mathematics concepts and skills, but 

also to challenge them to be problem solvers and understand that math is useful and necessary in many real-world


                Mathematics Concepts taught in the second grade:
                        •  Number Concepts Through 50

                        •  Addition Facts and Strategies

                        •  Subtraction Facts and Strategies

                        •  Data, Graphing, and Probability

                        •  Place Value

                        •  Number Concepts and Patterns (Even / Odd, Skip Counting, Ordinal Numbers, Patterns)

                        •  Plane Shapes

                        •  Solid Shapes

                        •  Fractions

                        •  Regrouping with Addition

                        •  Using Two-Digit Addition

                        •  Regrouping with Subtraction
                        •  Using Two-Digit Subtraction

                        •  Counting Money

                        •  Using Money

                        •  Time and Calendar

                        •  Length

                        •  Weight, Capacity, and Temperature

                        •  Multiplication and Division

                        •  Numbers through 10,000

                        •  Adding Three-Digit Numbers

                        •  Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers