Norfolk Online Safety Toolkit

The use of information and communication technologies in schools brings great benefits. At the same time, safeguarding risks are attached which schools must proactively address, to promote the safety of all members of the community. A range of Children's Services and ICT professionals have been involved in developing the Norfolk Online Safety Toolkit, which schools can adapt to meet their own circumstances. This guidance will help schools to discuss the issues and review their Online Safety policy.  Norfolk Children’s Services recommends that Senior Leadership within schools take steps to identify and address Online Safety risks.  Guidance and resources for teachers to use when teaching Online Safety as part of the National Curriculum, are referenced within this Toolkit.

The Norfolk Online Safety Toolkit is reviewed annually by the Norfolk Online Safety Group.

The following resources provide the tools required to address gaps in your school’s online safety provision.  Not all these measures will be applicable in all schools, and schools should complete online safety initiatives appropriate to their level of need and risk.  For example, a small infant school will take a different approach to a large secondary.