Why employ digital leaders?
In the current educational climate money for cpd is scarce and support from advisers and ASTs is fading. With technology advancing at such a fast rate, it is hard to keep up with change. However, schools can make use of digital leaders as a sustainable resource for maintaining standards and making progress in ICT. Let our young people lead the way!  

The purpose of this site

The aim of this site is to support teachers who are aspiring to employ digital leaders across the UK and the rest of the world!
What started as ideas shared on twitter with tweeters such as @MrsMeeks and @ICTevangelist seemed to inspire a whole host of other teacher tweeters. When @KristianStill  (pioneer of digital leaders in the UK) and @ChrisMayoh (inspirational employee of digital leaders) added their support, it made me realise that this is a much needed network for schools.
The idea is that schools will start to be twinned with other schools, so that their digital leaders can learn from and inspire one another, pretty much in the same way that the tweeting community does.
Because lots of teachers have expressed an interest, but missed the initial #DLchats that started late in February 2012, I have put together this site as an explanation and support package. I hope it is of help!