Welcome to the Nordic Prebreeding Project in Apple 

Prebreeding can be defined as the identification of genetic resources with desirable traits and genes, and the introduction of these into breeding material. Prebreeding projects can help to provide a sound basis for applied breeding programs carried out by, e.g., private companies, research institutes and university departments.

In 2012, a Nordic research group (SLU Sweden, Graminor AS Norway and LUKE Finland) received funding for two years by a Public Private Partnership (PPP) set up by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NMR) and organized by NordGen. The funding has later been prolonged up to December 2017.

Our project 'Prebreeding for Future Challenges in Nordic Apples' is centered around two serious problems in Nordic apple production, fruit tree canker and storage diseases. Activities within this project are carried out in co-operation with the apple breeding programs at SLU, Graminor AS and LUKE. There are also close contacts with other related research projects in the Nordic countries as well as internationally.

A website has been created for fruit and berry breeders in the Nordic and Baltic countries 'Nordic platform for fruit and berry breeding'