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Penn State over Stanford 32-12 to win 2012 Women's College Division 1 National Championship

posted May 15, 2012, 5:32 PM by Kyle Kreun   [ updated May 18, 2012, 11:24 AM ]

The remaining four teams from the original 16 showed up Friday for semi-final matches.
Penn State and Stanford both dominated in the semis to set the National Crown challengers for 2012.
On Saturday, Brown forfeited to BYU in the consolation bracket due to multiple player injuries sustained the day before.

In the Final Game, Stanford scored first 24 minutes in with a try by Olabisi Ibrahim. Penn State scored 3 minutes later to tie it up at five all.
Stanford would take the lead again but it would be their last as Penn State would get on a roll and score five straight tries to take the win.

Photos from D1 and D2 final four currently being uploaded now - check back here as we get them all online!


24' Try Stanford Women Olabisi Ibrahim
27' Try Penn State Women Sadie Anderson
33' Try Stanford Women Jamie Lawrence
33' Conversion Stanford Women Alyson Gleason
38' Try Penn State Women Kasey Ferlic
43' Try Penn State Women Kasey Ferlic
49' Try Penn State Women Sadie Anderson
58' Try Penn State Women Elena Cantorna
75' Try Penn State Women Christiane Pheil
75' Conversion Penn State Women Sadie Anderson

2012 Women's D1 Playoffs May 12 & 13 at Stanford

posted May 10, 2012, 2:32 PM by Kyle Kreun

For Friday in womens college action:
10AM- Norwich v. Washington St.
12PM- Shippensburg v. Winona St

2PM- Penn State Univ. v. Cougar Womens rugby(BYU)
4Pm- Brown v. Stanford
The DII Championship will be played at 1pm on staurday and the DI championship will be played at 3pm on Saturday.
The U-19 begin on saturday
Fallbrook(CA) v. Amazons(CA)
Catholic Memorial(WI) v. West Carroll(MD)
DSHA(WI) v. Dowington(PA)
Kent(WA) v. Lakewood(OH)
i believe these games start @9AM

In April 22 Quarter final at Steuber Rugby Stadium, Palo Alto, CA. Stanford University Women won 4I - 22 over UC Berkeley Women.  Stanford University Women will play Brown University Women at Steuber Rugby Stadium in the semi final on May 12.  The winner of this match will play the winner of the other semi final at Steuber Rugby Stadium between Penn St. Women and Cougar Women, Sunday May 13.

Norcal Womens' College Rugby Playoff Results

posted Apr 26, 2011, 1:17 PM by Kyle Kreun

Thanks to Bruce Carter's Blog at Hail Pelicus -

Playoffs College Women D1

UC Davis 22 – BYU 45
Referee: Pete Smith
ARs: John Pohlman, Eric Rauscher
#4: Ellen Owens

STANFORD 38 – Chico State 5
Referee: Preston Gordon
ARs: Stephanie Bruce, John Pohlman
#4: Ellen Owens

Third-place: UC DAVIS 22 – Chico State 20
Referee: Pete Smith
ARs: Sandy Robertson, Mike King
#4 Ellen Owens

Championship: Stanford 7 – BYU 24
Referee: Preston Gordon
ARs: Sandy Robertson, Mike King
#4: Ellen Owens

Stanford and UC Davis both advance, along with BYU of course, to the USA round of sixteen playoffs back East at the end of the month.


In the USA D2 Women’s College playoffs, Santa Clara lost to Shippensburg 38-17 in the round of sixteen.

Women's College Rugby D2 Playoff Results

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Per 2010 results:
PCRFU 1 = PNRFU = Western Washington Univ
PCRFU 2 = NCRFU = Santa Clara Univ
PCRFU 3 = PNRFU2 Washington State Univ or NCRFU2 Humboldt State Univ
PCRFU 4 = 

PNRFU 1, NCRFU 1 and URFU 1 automatically advance to their seeds.  PNRFU 2 and NCRFU 2 play a mandatory play-in for the PCRFU 3 slot.

PCRFU Play-in 
Host: Neutral
Date: March 19, 2011, after 4pm (pending teams' arrival time)
Redding Soccer Park

Play-in Match, time TBD: Humboldt State (NCRFU 2) v Washington State Univ (PNRFU 2)
Winner Washington State Univ (PNRFU 2)
advances to playoffs.

PCRFU Playoff
Host: PNRFU (natural rotation - NC '09, U '10, PN '11, NC’12, U'13, PN'14))
Date: April 2-3, 2011
Venue: Western Washington Univ
MC: Shannon Nielson,

Revised Format:
Match A: Washington State University (PNRFU2) 
27 vs Santa Clara University (NCRFU1)15
Match B: Washington State University (PNRFU2) 
20 vs Western Washington Univ (PNRFU1) 31

PC1 = Western Washington Univ  (PNRFU)
PC2 = Washington State University (PNRFU)
PC3 = Santa Clara University (NCRFU)

USA Rugby Playoffs
April 16-17
College Club: Men’s Division II Playoffs (16 teams)
College Club: Women’s Division II Playoffs (16 teams)

April 29-May 1
College Club: Men’s Division II Championships (4 teams)
College Club: Women’s Division II Championships (4 teams)

Approved by Executive Committee on Dec. 5, 2010

2011 Women's D1 Playoff Results

posted Apr 19, 2011, 12:22 PM by Kyle Kreun

Host: URFU
Date: April 1-2, 2011
Venue: Provo City Rugby Field, Fort Utah Park, 200 North Geneva Road, 
Provo, Utah 84601.
MC: Ren Stefee

Match A, 11:00am: Cougar Rugby (URFU) 
67  -  Cal (NCRFU4) 26
Match B, 1:00pm: Univ. Oregon (PNRFU) 
5  - Chico State (NCRFU3) 62

Match C, 12:00pm: Cal (NCRFU4) 
81  vs Univ. Oregon (PNRFU)  null 
Match D, 2:00pm: Cougar Rugby (URFU)
39 vs Chico State (NCRFU3)  10 

Play-In Results:
Winner D =  Cougar Rugby
Loser D =  Chico State (NCRFU)
Winner C = Cal (NCRFU)
Loser C = Univ of Oregon (PNRFU)


Date: April 15-16, 2011
Venue: Stanford (awarded to NCRFU 1)
MC: Katrina Logan

Match E, 5:30pm: UC Davis (PC2) 
22 - Cougar Rugby (PC3) 45
Match F, 7:00pm: Stanford (PC1) 
38 -  Chico State (PC4) 5

Match G, 5:00pm: UC Davis  
22 - Chico State 20
Match H, 7:00pm: Cougar Rugby  
24 - Stanford  7

Winner H  = Cougar Rugby
Loser H  = Stanford
Winner G  = UC Davis
Loser G = Chico State

USA Rugby Women’s Division I playoffs

posted Nov 4, 2010, 5:52 PM by Kyle Kreun   [ updated Nov 4, 2010, 5:53 PM ]

Oct 26, 2010 - 5:11:41 PM

The best Division I women’s rugby teams in the country will take to Burr Field in Austin, Texas this weekend for the Emirates Airline USA Rugby Women’s Division I playoffs.

Of the 12 teams competing, only four will go on to the semifinals in Mesa, Arizona next month.

The two unbeaten teams in the semis will play for the National Championship on November 14.

The top four teams from each Competitive Region (CR) qualify for playoffs.

CR1 is made up of teams from Southern California and the Pacific Coast; CR2 is the West and Midwest; CR3 is comprised of the South, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast.

This weekend’s action in Austin will see ten matches take place on Saturday and Sunday. The four top-seeded teams have a bye on Saturday and will only play one match on Sunday.

The four unbeaten teams at the end of the playoff weekend will move one step closer to a national title. They will play in Mesa on Friday November 12 in a semifinal.

A win in the semis will advance the two victorious teams to the Emirates Airline USA Rugby Women’s Division I National Championship, which will be played at 11:00am on Sunday November 14.

CR1 teams:
San Diego, Seattle, Belmont Shore, Tempe

CR2 teams:
North Shore (IL), Chicago, Glendale, Austin

CR3 teams:
Atlanta, Philadelphia, NOVA, Providence (RI)

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