About the Project

NORBOTECH Project aim

Support sustainable technological and social development in BIH by facilitating a collaborative and competitive national framework between universities and industrial sectors within the ICT sector:

NORBOTECH Objectives 1: Higher Education & Industry Interaction 

1. Enrichment of existing Bachelor,& Master Programme in BiH 

  • Develop teaching subjects in Systems Engineering, Embedded Systems, Digital Image Processing 
  • Develop paid Industry Masters according to the industry needs to bridge academic & industry interaction 
  • Creating of "Studies of Excellence" & eLearning Programme 
  • Teacher Training, Curriculcum Content Development Workshops and Conferences 
  • student facility visits 

NORBOTECH Objectives 2: Reinforcement of Applied R&D & Industry Networking 

2.Facilitating cluster of companies and collaborative applied research projects 

  • Set-up and operate two new Labs in Cloud Computing and Digital Signal Processing 
  • Establish R&D projects in Cloud Computing, Smart City, Drone & Digital Image Processing 
  • Competence and Innovation Network and Conferences 
  • R&D application writing workshops