2012: Come, learn, live



Talanoa Oceania provides a platform for inter-disciplinary research on historical and contemporary issues relating to Oceania and its people, including the first peoples of Australia and New Zealand. The organization initially evolved in response to issues encountered by Pacific Islanders in transition to new countries, environments and lifestyles in diaspora. The Talanoa Community now extends from Australia and New Zealand to Hawaii and the mainland US.

The essence of Talanoa is that learning occurs through dialogue, as we share, question and construct knowledge together. Towards this end, Talanoa Oceania hosts an annual conference featuring papers on issues as diverse as: art; development; education; gender; health and well-being; indigenous knowledge and learning; theology; and youth work. A strong feature of Talanoa conferences is the discussion generated by each paper. Previous conferences have been held in:

·         2008 at the Uniting Theological College, Sydney

·         2009 at the University of Auckland

·         2010 at the Uniting Theological College, Sydney

·         2011 at the Massey University in Auckland

In 2012, the 5th annual conference is being hosted on the land of the Ngunnawal people in Canberra from November 9th to 11th. The theme for Talanoa 2012 is Come, Learn and Live.

·         Come! … we are invited to gather for Talanoa in Canberra, which means “meeting place” in the language of the first Australians.

·         Learn! … we will learn together through Talanoa. As stories are shared, we are encouraged to listen, reflect, affirm and engage in constructive dialogue. At our 5th conference, we reflect on issues discussed at previous conferences and review tangible outcomes. What have we achieved? What are we already implementing? What successes can we celebrate? What challenges do we face in translating ideas into actions?

·         Live! … enriched and refreshed by Talanoa, we return to our homes with new perspectives and ideas to enhance our communities and society … and continue the Talanoa!

A special feature of Talanoa 2012 is an Oceanic Showcase involving traditional and contemporary performances by Pacific Island Youth in Canberra. This presentation will reflect art, dance and music from across Oceania.

Conference presentations may address any issue relating to Oceania and its people. For the 2012 Conference, major topics include but are not limited to:

·         Gender and Christianity

·         Health and Well-being

·         Education, Culture and Language

·         Migration and Climate Change

·         Business and Leadership

Presentations that focus on collaboration, interaction and relationships with Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders are particularly encouraged.


We invite you to join Talanoa 2012 by participating in some of the following ways:

·         Present at the conference. Presentations may take various forms including: conference papers; dance; displays of art, craft, posters or photographs; panel discussions; and video presentations. Please refer to the “Call for Presentations” for more details.

·         Sponsor the conference or a particular session, through cash or promotional items. Sponsorship is also invited for specific items including uniforms (polo shirts) and meals (morning and afternoon tea, lunch and dinner).

·         Volunteer to assist before or during the conference. Volunteer roles include administrative and secretarial services, IT support, bus driving, tour guides, food preparation and serving.

·         Billet conference participants. This is an excellent opportunity to extend hospitality to our visitors and establish new friendships.

·         Join the Pacific Showcase as a dancer, singer, musician, choreographer, sound or lighting technician, make-up artist, costume designer etc


For further information, please

·         Visit our website

·         Or email us at TalanoaCanberra2012@gmail.com



Jione Havea,
Aug 19, 2012, 10:20 PM