2011: Niu Flavours

Talanoa Oceania 2011 will be hosted by Massey University at its Albany campus, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand.  Scheduled to coincide with their Pasifika@Massey annual conference, it will be held from November 28 to December 2.  The designated theme for 2011 is "Niu Flavours," providing a sequel to the theme of the 2010 Sydney gathering: Niu Locals. 
"Niu Flavours" is about celebrating the successes of Pacific islanders in diaspora.  Rather than dwelling on the pains and miseries of migration, the time has come to celebrate what PIs have achieved in various corners of society.  
"Niu Flavours" is about how the generations of Pacific diaspora readjusted their cultures to fit their new homes away from their 'home' islands. 
Talanoa Oceania 2011 hopes to display every "flavour" that PIs have achieved and is therefore expecting papers, performances and presentations to revolve around the theme.