Here are links to the papers that have been received
1.    Opening ceremony <this is a 4MB file>
        a.    Leitu Havea, "my God and i"
        b.    Tuku Fungalei, <scripture rapping>
3.    Manahine Panel
        a.    Sef Carroll, Manahine
        b.    'Iakati Hui, "Issues young women of the Pacific care about"
7.    Second Generation Panel
        a.    Salesi Faupula, "on PI Second Gen & Prison culture"
                The powerpoint presentation is 8MB & the presentation + notes is 1MB pdf file; you can download one or both here
        b.    Nicole Fleming, coming soon!
8.    First Generation Panel
        a.    Seini Afeaki, "Roots & Routes"
NOTE: papers on this site are unedited, but will be revised and updated when we get around to publishing them in the old print format. if you have suggestions or comments, please contact the authors directly
NOTE, also, that  articles by Sitaleki Finau are also stored here