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    2008: Mana, vanua, talanoa

    Presentations at this first gathering circled around three significant PI concepts: Mana, Vanua, Talanoa. These concepts have multiple meanings in the various language and island groups:

    • Mana can mean sacred, magic, courage, power, transformation, creativity, healing, imagination, and so forth
    • Vanua (fonua, fenua, whenua, etc) can mean land, womb, home, identity, roots, tradition, and so forth
    • Talanoa can mean telling, story, storytelling, conversation, orality, empty-talk, and so forth
    Presentations were also encouraged to address the challenges of global warming and our drifting generations, the realities of dispersion, diaspora and cultural confusions, in relation to vaious areas of interest to PIs, such as:

    § art, handicraft & body-art

    § poetry, lyrics & rhythms

    § performance, dance & storytelling

    § Pacific, oceanic & indigenous studies

    § academic, theological & island disciplines

    § ministerial, cultural & ethnic praxis

    § and so forth


    Date & venue:

    September 29 – October 01, 2008

    Centre for Ministry, 16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta, NSW 2151, Australia


    Support for 2008 Gathering

    United Theological College has enabled the 2008 Gathering to take place on the premises of the Centre for Ministry, which is located on land for which the Darug people cared and made home.


    Two organizations have made financial contributions toward the running of the 2008 Gathering