Witches' Hats Cookies

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Witch's Hat Cookie


1 package Fudge Stripes cookies (approximately 24 cookies per package)

24 Hershey's Kisses (or the same number as cookies)

Orange icing (Wilton's Cookie Icing, tube of cake decorating gel, or homemade royal icing)


Arrange the cookies on a tray or baking sheet striped side down.

If needed, transfer the icing to piping bag with a small round decorating tip (ex: No. 2 round). 

Pipe around the edges of the bottom of a Kiss.

Affix the Kiss to the Cookie. The icing will harden and act as an adhesive.

Pipe around the base of the Kiss to create a "belt" or "ribbon" and decorate with a "buckle" if desired.

Let the icing harden. Royal icing (and cookie icing) will take about one hour.

YIELDS: 24 servings