Red Ribbon Week
October 23rd - 31st

Red Ribbon Week Activities at Nodaway-Holt

Tuesday, October 24th-     The Drug & Bully Free Force Is With You
                                    -wear favorite Star Wars apparel

Wednesday, October 25th- Be All You Can Be, Drug & Bully Free
                                   - wear camo

Thursday, October 26th-    Wild About Being Drug & Bully Free
                                   -wear wild & wacky clothes  

Friday, October 27th-       Team Up Against Drugs & Bullying
                                  - wear favorite team apparel

Monday, October 30th-     Cuddle Up to a Drug & Bully Free Life
                                   - pajama day

Tuesday, October 31st-      Say Boo! to Drugs & Bullying                  
                                   - wear Halloween costumes

This year's theme: Your Future is Key, So Stay Drug Free