Social Studies

Anne Frank- The Secret Annex Online - a well made site detailing the life and diary of Anne Frank. View the place where she lived and the people with her through her years in hiding.
Atlas of World History A map and timeline of civilizations of the old world. See when they appear and information about them.
BBC Dimensions...takes important places, events and things, and overlays them onto a map of where you are.
BBC Primary History - Romans - a wonderful primary history site from the BBC about the Romans. See how they lived and how they fought to protect their empire.
BBC Primary History - VikingsA superb history site from the BBC about the Vikings.
Colonial Living...interactive links, tons of information - PBS Colonial House.
Comparative Democracy - a webquest for 8th Grade Humanities.
The Declaration of Independence - This site provides a wealth of information about the signers of the Declaration, the history of the Declaration, and an online version of the Declaration for you to read.
EyeWitness to -  LiveBinders - The Knowledge Sharing Place.
Geography Gaming - great list of about 100 online games and simulations for the Geography/ Social Studies classroom.
Google Earth - Ancient Rome - fly into Rome as it looked in 320 A.D.
The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 - A useful interactive history quiz from the BBC about the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.
Liberty! The American Revolution - The Liberty! Teacher’s Guide is designed to fully engage students in the drama and rich educational information presented in the six-part PBS series LIBERTY! THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.
Map Skills - Very well done interactive lesson on map skills of hemispheres, lines of latitude, lines of longitude, prime meridian, and equator. Also has built in questions to check understanding.
Newseum - Through a special agreement with more than 800 newspapers worldwide, the Newseum displays these front pages each day on its website.
The Race Against Global Poverty - well made games highlighting the work done by the UK Department for International development to elevate poverty.
Rock The Vote - Know Your Rights - Bill of Rights Activity.
Smithsonian Education - Smithsonian in your classroom.
Socioeconomic Map Collection...collection of maps showing population density, climate, etc.
Teen for tweens, kids and students.
Traveler IQ Challenge...A fun game where players must click on a city or place on a world map to score points.
Voices for the Voiceless - child labor in Turkey.
Westward Ho - Shall We Go? - a webquest for Grades 3-5.