Language Arts

BubbaBrain - A collection of multiple choice games on topics across the curriculum, including maths, science and English at different grade levels.
Persuasion MapCreate a persuasion map online with this simple resource to plan an argument.
Pandamian - the easiest free way to publish a book online.
Poetry Archive - The Poetry Archive, as the name suggests, is a bank of poetry and information about poets. A great resource for teachers and students alike.
Rhymes - what rhymes with rhymes?
Take on the Teacher - Spelling...a fun game to test spelling skills. A well designed flash spelling challenge. In round one players must identify the correct spelling. In round two they must choose the wrong spelling and gain a bonus if they can spell it correctly.
Test Your VocabularyA superb site that tests and improves your English vocabulary. Tick the words that you know a difinition of. A fantastic tool for both native English speakers and EAL/ESL students.
My Reading Tools - spelling/reading game for lower elementary.
Smithsonian Education - Smithsonian in your Classroom.
StoryBird - Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print. It is a fun, collaborative, storytelling website. 
Vocabulary Spelling - Help make spelling time a fun time! wants to make our spelling website an invaluable part of every child's spelling and vocabulary education.
Whizz WordsA good spelling game where players find words from a collection of letters.
Wordle - is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.
Write in the Middle - - writing site for Middle School teachers.
WritingFix:  Teachers Sharing Writing Lessons - a site developed by Nevada teachers.