ABCYA.comthe leader in free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web.
BubbaBrain - A collection of multiple choice games on topics across the curriculum, including maths, science and English at different grade levels.
Cool Math Games 4 Kids - tons of learning games for preschool through 8th grade - math games and more, jigsaw puzzles, reading/spelling games, geography, science, spelling, logic, games for ages 3-5.
Funky Mummy - An Anicient Egyptian themed single digits adding game for young mathematicians. Get the answer right and make the mummy dance.
The Great Plant Hunt - A website for Primary School from Kew Gardens - Find a categorise plants, look at germination and look at seed ‘design’ .for different environments
Guess the Letters and Words - similar to Wheel of Fortune, one minute to figure out words, three wrong letter guesses and you are out.
K-12 Tech Tools...If you're looking for a kid-friendly website to direct your students to during centers, tech tools to assign to your students who need extra help (or want extra work), or new tools to engage your students in learning, this website is for you!
Kerpoof - Learning through creativity - multimedia site, lesson plans, etc. for grades K-8.
Kideos - Watch vetted videos for children in your class. A good selection of topics and age based material.
KidZui - the Internet for kids.
Kindergarten WorksheetsA vast collection of fabulous cross curricular worksheets and resources for young children.
Math Playground...Action packed site with fun and challenging online math games.
Math Sums for Children - A great simple maths site with lots of x + - ÷, time and money quiz questions.
Mr. Printables.com - a great site with a good set of printables for arts and crafts for kids.
My Reading Tools - spelling/reading game for lower elementary.
PoplingA simple to use flashcard generating and sharing site to help your students learn languages or anything else. Make on the site, on your desktop or using the broswer add on.
Primary Treasure Chest - a vast site with a irresistible bounty of downloadable and printable resources for across the curriculum that you will come to treasure.
Slimber - a simple online drawing tool with just the essential tools. Great for younger learners. Download the end product to your computer.
Wordle - is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.