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Important information regarding the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”

Dear Parents & Guardians:


We are encouraging you to have a conversation with your children if they have access to the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.  The series, based on the 2007 award winning YA book of the same title, takes viewers through 13 reasons why a high school student commits suicide through 13 cassette tapes outlining the reasons a young woman takes her life.  It opened on March 30, 2017 and quickly shot to #1 on Netflix.


The mental health community has pointed out that there is value in discussing this important topic, but the series does romanticize suicide and portrays sexual assault, bullying, suicide, drug use and is packaged in a way that does not encourage reaching out when having suicidal thoughts.



National Association of School Psychologists - https://www.nasponline.org/resources-and-publications/resources/school-safety-and-crisis/preventing-youth-suicide/13-reasons-why-netflix-series-considerations-for-educators


Please reach out to us here at school should you and/or your child need additional resources, or would like to speak with our school counselor, Mr. Miller.

  (FAFSA help, College Visits, ACT dates, State testing...)

College school visits:

Students can sign-up to visit with college reps during flex here: https://goo.gl/forms/BokDzKRE0yRYZZKR2
Need to sign-up to be excused from Flex during these visits

 1:15-2:00 Simpson College
 Friday, March 2
 1:15-2:00 Northwest Missouri State
 Tuesday, March 27 1:15-2:00 SWCC

Fall 2017 High School and College Credit Class Registration

SWCC Online Application - For new online students. Click the APPLY NOW button at bottom of page
SWCC Spring 2018 Registration - Download, complete, and return to Mr. Miller

Graceland University ACE PSEO - Click on the yellow tab at the top to register. This is an electronic form.

- I highly recommend taking your ACT test during the second semester of your Junior year.  This is the time in most high school careers when students are taking the most ACT specific courses.  This also gives you a little bit of time to retake the test if you do not score as high as you would like.  To see upcoming test date and registration deadlines, click on "Upcoming Events" link.  To register for the ACT test go to
www.actstudent.org.  You will need the Nodaway Valley School code which is 161870.

FAFSA - First and foremost you will need to fill out the FAFSA. (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  The keyword there being FREE.  If you come across a site that is going to charge you something DO NOT DO IT!  This is a free process.  Use the following link to go to the official site http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/.  You can submit the FAFSA by mail or online (highly recommended) - https://icaps.iowacollegeaid.gov/ICAPS/ApplicationProcess/ApplicationMainPage.aspx.  In order to submit it online you will need to register for a pin #.  To apply for a pin # go to this website www.pin.ed.gov.  You can now submit your FAFSA starting October 1st and you can register for your pin # anytime.  If you all ready have your pin it will speed up the FAFSA process.

For more college planning advice, resources and tools click on the links below.

Some documents may need Acrobat Reader if it is in PDF format http://www.adobe.com/products/reader/  (Free Download)

Tips for Completing Scholarship Applications

⌂ Read Every Word Carefully before completing applications -
Do you meet eligibility requirements? When is it due?

⌂ Ask For Letters of recommendation Early -
Give the person a list of accomplishments to help them better
remember you and your activities.

⌂ Essays Should Be Thoughtful, logical and organized. Have one of your Language
Arts instructors or look it over on the first draft.

⌂ Use Specific Examples when describing interests and achievements.

⌂ Describe Why you are going to college -
Use experiences which led to your present career choice.

⌂ Demonstrate Financial Need by Example -
How are you trying to earn/pay for college?

⌂ Typing or printing in black ink is usually acceptable, but typing makes a better
impression and is easier to read

⌂ Proofread -
Typos may cause your application to be rated below another.

⌂ Make Copies of all applications for your own personal files; they can be used
when completing applications in the future. Also, make copies of all forms required to receive your money. This may be needed for verification if the forms are lost.