College Completion Standards (CCS)


In addition to academic subject areas, students need support in developing a range of skills and mindsets commonly referred to as non-cognitive, metacognitive, or character-based in nature.

During the summers of 2013-2016, College Hedgehog teams have developed research based standards, diagnostic assessments, and sample lessons to help Noble students develop these skills and mindsets in advisory classes or any other classroom. Collectively, they are the College Completion Standards.

All materials are available by clicking on the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade links at the top of this page

Scope and Sequence

CCS materials have a suggested quarterly scope and sequence aligned to (a) when students are most likely to need them and (b) when they are developmentally capable of accessing them. This looks as follows:



Mastery manager assessments are available for each quarter’s standards, either as a pre-test, post-test, or both. To receive a detailed report of student results, email Matt Niksch (

Research basis

The standards are derived from a review of some of the best available research combined with the experience of Noble alumni. Primary sources:

  • ·         David Conley (Four Dimensions of College & Career Readiness)
  • ·         William Sedlacek (Noncognitive variables for admissions)
  • ·         Martin Seligman (PERMA framework from Flourish and 26 “KIPP character" traits)
  • ·         U of C 6to16 readiness framework
  • ·         Savitz-Romer and Bouffard (Ready, Willing, and Able: A developmental approach to college access and success)
  • ·         Chicago Consortium on School Research's meta-analysis of non-cognitive factors
  • ·         7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
  • ·         Experience of Noble and peer network counselors

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Freshman year: Building Strong Foundations
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