Aguila Supercomputer

Northern New Mexico College

Aguila - Super Computer

Department of Math and Science

The department of Math and Science hosts an 18 processor, 108-core Linux based computer cluster with approx. 8 TB of storage. We would like to make this state-of-the art computer cluster available to other departments at the NNMC campus for research purposes. If you or someone you know would desire an account for access, notify either Stephen Price or Ruben Rivera, the system administrators.


Capabilities include:

·         C, Fortran, Matlab, Gaussian 09, MPI

·         Various Linear Algebra Packages (BLAS, LAPACK, etc.)

·         School Networked and Remotely Accessible


Ted Koetter             - Dept. Engineering   

Edgar Ronquillo       - Dept. Engineering   

Ajit Hira                  - Dept. Math & Science

David Torres            - Dept. Math & Science