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Donors and Acknowledgements

Donors - Many thanks to all the people who are making this conference possible!  This list will be updated as donations come in. The conference was made possible by the generosity of the following gift giving. We used the intimate monikers of our community to signify gift level, because despite the size of the gift, everyone is a valuable member of our shared community!

Abuelo and Abuela ($1000 and up)

Las Clinicas del Norte, El Rito Clinic

Alfonso Ortiz Center at UNM

NNMC Student Activities

Patricia Trujillo

Padrina and Padrino ($500 and up)

Dr. Arturo Madrid and Dra. Antonia Castañeda


Compadre and Comadre ($300 and up)

Tsay Corportion


Primo and Prima ($200 and up)

Trinity University

New Mexico Department of Tourism


Amigo and Amiga ($100 and up)

Ana Gutierrez-Sisneros

Historical Society of New Mexico

Museum of New Mexico

Valley National Bank


Vecino and Vecina ($1-100)

Karen J. Leong

Myla Vicenti Carpio

Felipe Gonzales

Patricia M. Norby




We are grateful to all who have given of their time 

and talents to make this conference a success!  Adelante!

Northern New Mexico College

All the Staff of the Northern El Rito Campus

Northern Foundation

Northern Pueblos Institute

Northern Diversity and Equity

Espejo Community History Organization

Northern Communications and Marketing

Alfonso Ortiz Center at UNM

Los de Rio Arriba

Hector Chacón Band

Conjunto Xicano Power

Antonia Apodaca y Trio

Bernard Mora

Cynthia Gomez

Terry Mulert

Marcia Brenden

Henrietta Trujillo

Alexandra Williams


Conference Committee

Patricia Trujillo, Ph.D.

Matthew Martinez, Ph.D.

Pablo Vigil, M.D.

Myrriah Gomez, A.B.D.

Karen Roybal, Ph.D.

Ana Gutierrez-Sisneros, MSN, MALAS, APRN, P/MHCNS-BC, CCM

Leroy Baros, Española Valley Schools