Historias de Nuevomexico

Tentative Conference Schedule

October 12 & 13, 2012 Northern New Mexico College El Rito Campus


Thursday Evening , Pre-Conference Registration 4- 6 pm

Film Event: 7:00 pm, Cynthia Gomez, Title: Land, Water, People, Time


7:30 – 9:00 – Breakfast

8:00 am – 12 pm – Registration


9:00 am – 9:20 am – Welcome by Dr. Patricia Trujillo and Dr. Matthew Martinez

                        Invocation by Bernard Mora


9:20 – 10:10 – Keynote Speaker:

Joseph Sanchez, Director of the Spanish Colonial Research Center at University of New Mexico  

“Te Apa Spoke to Me Through You: History, Culture, Heritage and Us”


10:20 – 11: 50 – Plenary I: Contested Homelands, Moderator: Myrriah Gómez, University of Texas at San Antonio

                        Glenabah Martinez, University of New Mexico

"Religious Persecution of Pueblo Peoples in New Mexico in the Twentieth


Robert Torrez, NM State Historian 1987-2000

“Aftermath of the Mexican American War 1846-1848"

Thomas Chávez, former director of the National Hispanic Cultural Center and the Palace of the Governors Museum of New Mexico

“Juan Oñate, Acoma, and a Troubled Administration”


12:00 – 2:00 – LUNCH

Entertainment/Plenary, Moderator: Ana Gutierrez Sisneros

Students from HUM 100 New Mexico History and Culture - NNMC

“Los de Río Arriba” – David García and Jeremiah Martinez


2:10 – 3:30 – Concurrent Session One

Panel A: Narrativas, Testimonios, y Historias Orales: Historical Legacy in New Mexico Rural Communities

Karen Roybal, University of New Mexico

 “¡Déjame Hablar! Nuevo Mexicanas’ Testimonios as Alternative Archive”

Linda Eleshuck Roybal, University of New Mexico

“Hispana/o Personal Narrative: Building a Theoretical Framework”

Carmen Samora, Julian Samora Legacy Project, UNM

 “Crafting a Life: Creativity Handed Down the Generations”

Terry Mulert, New Mexico State University and Northern New Mexico College

“Imagining Critical Ethnography: Collective Identity, Culture and Curriculum”


            Panel B: Exploring Documents at the New Mexico State Archives

                        Emily Brock, Archivist, New Mexico State Records Center and Archives

“Love and Land Grants”

Melissa Salazar, Director, New Mexico State Records Center and Archives

“What’s in a Name: Unique Names of New Mexico”

Arnold Vigil, Senior Archivist, New Mexico State Records Center and Archives

“Beyond Subsistence: Hispanas and Agriculture”

Moderator: Felicia Lujan, Archives Bureau Chief, New Mexico State Records Center and Archives


Panel C: Na’inbí Owingeh – Our Place: Pueblo Indian Studies at Northern New Mexico College

            Bernard Mora, Northern New Mexico College

            “Language Survival at Taytsugeh Oweengeh”

Gerard Jones, Northern New Mexico College

“Catastrope, Collapse, and Reordering: The Conceptual Consequences of the Demise of the Chacoan System”

Sam Villarreal Catanach, Poeh Center, Pojoaque Pueblo

Preserving and Reviving History and Culture at the Pueblo of Pojoaque

                        Moderator: Matthew Martinez, Director, Northern Pueblos Institute


3:40 – 5:00 – Concurrent Session Two

Panel A: 1700s: Expeditions and Land Issues

Thomas Chávez former director of the National Hispanic Cultural Center and the Palace of the Governors Museum of New Mexico

“Villasur, a Painting, and a Battle’s Influence on History”    

 François-Marie Patorni, Community Historian

“The History of the French in New Mexico”

 Jim Jefferson, Ute Indian Historian, former Chairman of the Ute Indian Tribe, Ignacio, CO

“Ute Agencies in Abiquiu and Tierra Amarilla”


Roundtable B: The Indo-Hispano as an Indigenous People: Genizaros y Cautivos

                        Manuel García y Griego, University of New Mexico

Cynthia Gómez, Pipestone Productions: Independent Filmmaker & Educator

Jacob Baca, University of New Mexico


Roundtable C: The 1692 Don Diego DeVargas Resettlement of New Mexico and the Second Pueblo Indian Revolt

Adrian Bustamante, Santa Fe Historian and former Professor at the College of Santa Fe

Leroy Baros, Española Valley Schools

                        Matthew Martinez, Northern New Mexico College


5:10 – 6:30 – Plenary II: Celebrating Homelands, Moderator: Karen Roybal, University of New Mexico

Patricia Marroquin Norby, University of Wisconsin

“O’Keeffe Country?”

                        Estevan Arellano – Journalist and Community Historian


Levi Romero – University of New Mexico

“Digital Cuentos: Using Technology to Share New Mexico’s Stories”


6:40 – 7:20 – Reception – Hosted by Las Clinicas del Norte, El Rito Clinic

Entertainment: The Hector Chacón Group

7:30 -8:30 – Reading by Arturo Madrid, In the Land of Empty Crosses and Book Signing


7:00 – 8:30 am –Breakfast

8:40 – 10:10 – Plenary III: Cultivating Homelands, Moderator: Patricia Trujillo

Myla Vicenti Carpio, Arizona State University

Paak'u, Indigenous Albuquerque, Celebrations and Remembrance of Place

Paula Garcia, Executive Director of the New Mexico Acequia Association

Corrine Sanchez, Executive Director of Tewa Women United

10:20 – 11:50 – Concurrent Session Three

Roundtable A: Challenging the Centennial: Fallacies and Renewed Vision for the Next 100 Years

This multi-disciplinary roundtable will present scenarios from the academy and the community to engage the audience in exploring various sites of contestation in New Mexico that pose a paradoxical view to the 2012 celebratory centennial ‘mood’ in the state. We will be exploring: How do the 2012 centennial celebrations and other “trendy” celebrations of diversity on college campuses, tourist destinations, and cultural sites work to slow or compromise the serious work that needs to be done in order for New Mexico and its diverse populations to truly celebrate gains.

           Antonio Lara, New Mexico State University

Leonor Lara, Independent Health Consultant

Al Na’ir Lara, Artist, Gardener, Educator

Dulcinea Lara, New Mexico State University


Panel B: Santa Clara – Sandia Pueblo Land Issues

                        Rick Hendricks, State Historian of New Mexico

                        José Lucero, Independent Scholar

                        Malcom Ebright, Independent Scholar


            Panel C: Mexican Period, 1821-1846

Eric Romero, New Mexico Highlands University

                        “Santa Fe Trail and Commerce”

                         Carlos Vasquez, National Hispanic Cultural Center

                        Victor Jaramillo, Chimayo Historian

                        “1837 Revolt at Santa Cruz de la Cañada and 1841 Texas Invasion”


            Panel D: American Territorial Period, 1848 – 1912

 Susan Boyle, National Park Service

“New Mexican Contributions to the Development of Trade and Commerce in the 19th Century”

 Robert Torrez, Former NM State Historian, 1987-2000

                        “American Judicial System in New Mexico”

                         Felipe Gonzales, University of New Mexico

Politico: Nuevomexicanos in the Politics of the New Mexico Territory”

 Mike Scarbourgh, Community Scholar and Historian

“A Neighbor is Someone Who Shows Kindliness and Helpfulness Toward His Fellow Man”


12:00 – 1:00 – LUNCH

Entertainment/Plenary, Moderator: Ana Gutierrez Sisneros

Antonia Apodaca and Trio

1:10 – 2:40 – Concurrent Session Four

Panel A: Mentoring Students in Colonized New Mexico…. Or Southern Colorado

             Victoria Obregon, Colorado State University – Pueblo

The  “New” Mexican Student:  Mentoring Migrant Students at Colorado State University- Pueblo”      

 Fawn-Amber Montoya, Colorado State University – Pueblo

“Mentoring the Non-Chicano Student on a Chicano Topic”

             Stephanie Winchell, Colorado State University – Pueblo

“Madrid, Gallup, Gibson, and Fierro :  New Mexican Mining Communities Owned by the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, 1902-1903”


Panel B: Communicating New Mexico History

                        Martha O. Acevedo, Independent Scholar, California, Merced

                        “Contested Homelands in Raza Journals and Newspapers”

                         Steve Martinez, Northern New Mexico College

                        “The French Revolution and the Liberal State of New Mexico"

                         Janet MacKenzie, Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project, Project Coordinator

                        "Voices of the Ancestors, Whispers from the Remote Past and the Heritage of Yesterday" 

Panel C: Theorizing Space in the Construction of New Mexico

Myrriah Gómez, University of Texas at San Antonio

Nuclear Colonization: Negotiating the Binary of the Hill and the Valley

                        Patricia Trujillo, Northern New Mexico College

Imagining a Mexican “American Girl”: Josefina Montoya and the Making of Girl Studies in New Mexico 

David García, Community Scholar, Austin, TX/Alcalde, NM

“La Resolana Where the Story is Told:  Imagined Spaces and Structures of Feeling”


2:50 – 3:00 –  Despedida – Pablo Vigil, Espejo Community History Organization