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Adding TAs & Faculty

Adding Teaching Assistant:

1. From the Management Course Menu, Select "Users and Groups"
 Image of Selecting Users and Groups from Course Management Menu

2. Select Users

3. You will now be on the "Users" page
4. Select "Create User" 
    (select "Find Users to Enroll" if the individual already has a BID (Banner ID)

5. You will now be on the "Create User" page

     If you are "Creating" a user it is because they are not from Northern so 
give them what ever Username you want, just nothing like a Banner ID.  Alpha usernames are best.

6. At the bottom of this "Create User" page is the important part.  You need to designate what type of user you want to create.
    I'm suggest Instructor, but that's really up to you.  note: NNMC doesn't allow Guests much access to any materials in 
      your course.

NOTE:  If the user IS an instructor or student at northern you will NOT need to create user.
Simply point at the Enroll User button and select "Find User to Enroll", Enter the Banner ID, choose the role and click Submit.