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Course Management

After setting up your course, you can create a wide range or class activities in your Blackboard site. To maintain a level of sanity during the semester, it is highly recommended this be done before the first day of class.

  • Add and organize course content
    • You can upload a syllabus or other materials, such as Word documents, PowerPoint files or even short multimedia clips to content areas in Blackboard. You can also organize material in folders and copy or move material in your course site or to another course site.
  • Copy material from a previous semester
    • If you created a course site in a previous semester, or want to reuse some materials from another course, you can copy the contents of the course to your new site.
  • Give and receive assignments
    • The Assignments feature allows you to easily manage electronic submission of documents for grades. Students can submit an assignment and you can collect and comment on the documents using Blackboard's Grade Center feature. You can also send feedback and corrected documents back to students.
  • Use the Grade Center
    • Blackboard's Grade Center is an online grade book that can be used to enter and tract student grades. It includes features such as weighted grades and custom display of point or letter grades.
  • Use a Discussion Board
    • Instructors can set up forums where students can post comments and documents to engage in discussions or peer review of work.
  • Create online surveys or assessments
    • Online tests and surveys can be created using a wide variety of question types, such as (but no limited to) true/false, multiple choice, matching and short answer. Blackboard can automatically grade objective assessments and place scores for tests in the Grade Center.