Ms. Young's Class

2nd Grade Reading: 

Quarter 2 November 7 - January 24

2.2    The student will expand understanding and use of word meanings.

a)     Increase listening and speaking vocabularies.

b)    Use words that reflect a growing range of interests and knowledge.

c)     Clarify and explain words and ideas orally.

d)    Identify and use synonyms and antonyms.

e)    Use vocabulary from other content areas.

2.9     The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of nonfiction texts.

a)     Preview the selection using text features.

b)     Make and confirm predictions about the main idea

c)     Use prior and background knowledge as context for new learning.

d)    Set purpose for reading.

e)    Ask and answer questions about what is read.

f)     Locate information to answer questions.

g)    Identify the main idea.

h)   Read and reread familiar passages with fluency, accuracy, and meaningful expression.

Quarter 1 September 5th - November 5th

SOL 2.5 The student will use phonetic strategies when reading and spelling.

SOL 2.6 The student will use semantic clues and syntax expand vocabulary when reading.

SOL 2.7 The student will expand vocabulary  when reading.

SOL 2.8 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional texts.

Homework: Students must read to someone for at least 10-15 minutes. They can also be read to for 15 minutes.

Parents: students have a weekly book log. Students read each night for at least 15 minutes then write the title and minutes, were they read to or with someone or independently. Students choose a title and write 3-4 sentences about that book. Students reading chapter books can write about a favorite part of their chapter. Students may add paper to the log if they prefer to write more. Please sign their weekly logs.

Read a book together! Frog and Toad-The Garden. You can pause the video and have your child read aloud from the book, or listen first then have your child read it aloud after watching it together.

2nd Grade Math:
Quarter 2 November 7-January 24
We are still reviewing Place Value Ones thru Hundreds up to 999. Rounding and Comparing numbers will be taught Nov 12th-23rd.

  2.5  The student will: a) recognize and use the relationships between addition and subtraction to solve single-step practical problems, with whole numbers to 20; and b) demonstrate fluency with addition and subtraction within 20.

2.6  The student will: a)     estimate sums and differences;  b)    determine sums and differences, using various methods; and  c)    create and solve single-step and two-step practical problems involving addition and subtraction.

  2.17  The student will demonstrate an understanding of equality through the use of the equal symbol and the use of the not equal symbol.

Quarter 1 October 8-November 3

SOL 2.1  The student will

a) read, write, and identify the place value of each digit in  a three-digit numeral, using numeration models;

 b) identify the number that is 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, and 100 less than a given number up to 999;

c) compare and order whole numbers between 0 and 999; and

d)  round two digit numbers to the nearest ten.

Quarter 1 September 25- October 6

SOL 2.2   The student will

a)     count forward by twos, fives, and tens to 120, starting at various multiples of 2, 5, or 10;

b)    count backward by tens from 120; and

c)     use objects to determine whether a number is even or odd.

Quarter 1 September 5-22

SOL 2.3  student will count and identify the ordinal numbers (positions) first through twentieth using an ordered set of objects and write the ordinal numbers 1-20.

SOL 2.10  student will determine past and future days of the week and identify specific days and dates on a given calendar.


Practice counting objects 1-20 using ordinal                 numbers. Review calendar words and dates.

Parents: If you have calendars at home, please use them to help your child become familiar with days of the week, months of the year, special days, etc. Students need to know there are 7 days in a week and there is a pattern of counting by 7 each week. Students are also learning how many days in a month using a poem. (30 days Hath September). Students need to know words like before and after using the calendar.

Ordinal Numbers: Counting 1-20- students will be learning how to count by locating the position of numbers, first through twentieth.

Numbers Rock Videos - Rounding - Place Value - coins (pennies, dimes, dollars - go with place value)

Frog and Toad- The Garden



Do The Honeybee Dance