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The site of Research Experiences for Undergraduates – Emerging Issues in Cybersecurity is funded by NSF CISE which offers a ten-week summer research experience to a diverse group of undergraduate students. The site is hosted at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech). The 2019 program was from Tuesday, May 28 to Friday, August 2.

REU 2019 Team

REU Team 2019

  • Jeffrey Begaye (San Juan College, NM)

  • Eva Domschot (New Mexico Tech, NM)

  • Yaozong Huang (University of Michigan, MI)

  • Uma Karki (Cerritos College, CA)

  • Vincent Henry Lombardi II (Gonzaga University, WA)

  • Raul Longoria (Prairie View A&M University, TX)

  • Sarah Ortiz (Willamette University, OR)

  • Matthew Ramirez (San Bernardino Valley College, CA)

  • Craig Rasband (New Mexico Tech, NM)

Faculty Mentors
  • Dr. Jun Zheng (CSE)
  • Dr. Dongwan Shin (CSE)
  • Dr. Subhasish Mazumdar (CSE)
  • Dr. Ramyaa (CSE)
  • Dr. Haoying Wang (Management)

Research Projects
  • Intrusion detection for cyber-physical systems (Raul Longoria, Craig Rasband, Dr. Jun Zheng) Poster Presentation
  • Advanced machine learning techniques for botnet detection (Eva Domschot, Jeffrey Begaye, Dr. Ramyaa) Poster Presentation
  • Secure data logging for mobile devices (Yaozong Huang, Matthew Ramirez, Dr. Subhasish Mazumdar) Poster Presentation
  • Developing user mental model through reasoned action approach against semantic attacks (Sarah Ortiz, Vincent Lombardi, Dr. Dongwan Shin) Poster Presentation
  • Credit card fraud, internet access, and impacts in rural America (Uma Karki, Dr. Haoying Wang) Poster Presentation

(*: REU students)

  • R. Qi, C. Rasband*, J. Zheng, R. Longoria*, "Semi-supervised outlier detection and deep feature extraction for detecting cyber-attacks in smart grids using PMU data," in Proc. of The 17th International Conference on Information Technology-New Generations (ITNG 2020), Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 1134, Apr. 5--8, 2020, Las Vegas, NV, pp. 509-515.
  • R. Qi, C. Rasband*, R. Longoria*, J. Zheng, "Semi-supervised outlier detection and deep feature extraction for detecting cyber-attacks in smart grids using PMU data," Poster presentation at the New Mexico Academy of Science (NMAS) Research Symposium, Albuquerque, NM, Nov. 2, 2019.  

The support for this work is provided by the National Science Foundation (CNS-1757945).