Dear Student,


Welcome to 3rd grade! I hope you are as excited about all the wonderful things you will experience in our classroom as I am. I believe we will work hard while having fun!


I have spent this summer working as a Camp Director, snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, deep sea fishing, exploring history and reading some great books. In the next few days I will be putting the finishing touches on our classroom so it is ready for a great new school year.


If you were interested in taking advantage of the school supply sales the following items would be helpful.


1 Composition notebook

(These usually have a marble cover with no spiral binding)

1 Three-ring binder (1 – 1 1/2” rings)

3 Packs of filler paper

1 Set of 5 Tab Dividers (please leave the tabs blank)

1 Orange pocket folder

Pens (black and blue only), pencils and erasers

A pencil bag or box to keep your supplies in.

2 boxes of tissues, 1 roll of paper towels & 1 container of cleaning wipes


You might also want to buy colored pencils and scissors, although we have these in the classroom already.


I’d also like you to bring a book you’re reading. If you’re not currently reading a book,

      begin thinking about which genre of books you like to read. We can look through the class  

      library to find just the right one for you.


The only other things you will need for the first day of school are your curiosity and enthusiasm. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I know we’re going to have a fantastic third grade year.


                                                                         Yours Truly,




                                                                               Ms. Hawes