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BOOK ORDER NUMBER TO ORDER ONLINE IS;    J37Y4    This will give credit to our classroom so we can order new books.

To use Google Apps 
1.Go to school website                         http://vbes.nmrsd.org/
2. Go to LINKS, Go down to  Goggle Apps 
3. User name is assigned logon   (usually 25lastnamefirstname)@nmrsd.org  no spaces 
                    Example: 25landrycynthia@nmrsd.org
4. Password is assigned password (nmid######)   # is the students' ID number  
To Share a Google Apps project:
1. Top Right Corner of your file will have the SHARE blue button.
Click on that and it will ask who you want to share with
2. Type LANDRY - Find Cynthia - then click on the name and DONE
3. I will receive an email from you that you have shared something with me.

 The West Region of the United States Project Due May 22, 2017

Groups of 4 students are to perform a puppet show or play lasting 10-15 minutes in length. Provide appropriate costumes and props to display with your presentation. If you are doing a puppet show, the characters are to be colored with appropriate costumes of that time period.

The lines in the play are to be historical facts to inform the audience of your topic. Group topics are:

1.    The Gold Rush – Who came, why did they come, where did they live, how did they live Idea: each person be someone of different ages and lifestyle (married, single) and talk about how it affected their lives.

2.    Native American Tribes – Idea: each person talks about 1 tribe and their culture, arts/crafts, rituals, location of where they lived

3.    Agricultural products/farms – props to include what is grown or types of farms of the west. Idea would be to create a farmers market.

4.    Weather forecasters of 4 different areas of the region. Idea: give a forecast with maps showing a typical weather pattern.

5.    Tourist visiting 4 or more major places describing activities they can do. Idea: dress as though you are going on vacation there

6.    Famous people of the region and their contributions to the United States. Idea: have props or cutouts of the people in their dress and talk about what they did.