Grade 6 White Team

Welcome to HBMS and the 6 White team! 
Please refer to this page and the teacher pages for announcements, upcoming activities, and daily homework.

ASPEN Parent Portal

Before you start you will need a Student ID number for each student you are enrolling. This can be found on their report card or schedule. It is the number they use when ordering lunch, using the library, or to log in on the computer in the lab.

From the District Webpage

  • Click on Links at the top of the page
  • Click on Family Portal – Located under Aspen SIS, next to Parent Access
  • To learn more about ASPEN, look to the right of this screen and…
  • Click on Brochure or Quick Reference Cards and Videos
  • Now you are ready to apply for access to the Aspen Information System Portal.
  • From the Parent Portal
  • Click on NMRSD Parent Portal Application
  • Fill out a section for each child you have enrolled in the district
  • Upon completion, scroll down to the bottom of the form and click on SUBMIT.

You should receive an e-mail from the district, within 2-3 school days, with a temporary password.  Upon login, you will be prompted to change the temporary password.  We do not maintain a record of passwords, so please make sure you provide one you can remember.  Your user name will be the e-mail address you provided during the enrollment process for ASPEN.


Week of 4/9:

English/Language Arts: Narrative review; Quiz retake Friday
Math: Solving Equations Practice
Social Studies: 
Team Reminders: ELA MCAS Session 1 Thursday

English/Language Arts: ELA MCAS Session 1 Thursday 
Social Studies: 
Team Reminders: ELA MCAS Session 1 Thursday

English/Language Arts:  Get a good night's sleep and have breakfast tomorrow! 
Social Studies: 
Team Reminders: ELA MCAS Session 1 Thursday

English/Language Arts: MCAS Session 1 today! Quiz retake Friday
Science: None
Social Studies: Good luck on MCAS today!
Team Reminders: 

English/Language Arts: No homework! Have a great vacation! 
Math: No homework, enjoy the weekend!
Social Studies: Have a great vacation! 
Team Reminders: No School next week! Enjoy April vacation! 

2017-2018 School Year

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