Classroom News Volume 1 - October 5, 2018

     Well, we did it!!!  We made it through the first official month of school!!!!  What a successful time it has been!!!  We have spent these days getting to know each other and forming a classroom community.  We continue to work as a TEAM each day.  We are all looking forward to a fantastic year of fun and learning.  We are getting used to our daily routine.  Our days are already extremely busy!!!  Learning to transition from one lesson to another can be a challenge.  The children have been attentive and cooperative.  They are a wonderful class!!!  The Falsey Flames are truly "HOT STUFF!"

     Thank you for sending in your child's supplies.  We have already used many of them.  They will really come in handy!!!  I truly believe staying organized is one of the MOST important keys to success.  Everything in our classroom is color-coded and put in folders, binders and containers.  So far it is all working very nicely.

      We have a day morning snack time EACH day (even on 1/2 days too).  Please provide a healthy snack and drink for your child every day.  We do not eat lunch until 12:35pm.  By then the children are very hungry!!!  Thank you SO much!!!  

 Our SPECIALS are:     MONDAY - Music        TUESDAY - Computer       WEDNESDAY - Art      THURSDAY - Library (Books Please)      FRIDAY - Gym (Sneakers Please)