The WaterEnvironment, and Utilities Division strives to protect, preserve and enhance New Mexico’s environment, water and natural resources through litigation and cooperative efforts with stakeholders.  We represent the interests of New Mexico’s residential and small business consumers in matters of gas, electric and telecommunication regulation.

Water is New Mexico’s most valuable resource. Its scarcity often leads to conflicts among water users and sometimes between water users and the natural environment. Using New Mexico’s Constitution, statutes and interstate compacts as our guide, the Attorney General’s Office seeks a balance between the needs of man and nature. The Water, Environment and Utilities Division represents the State of New Mexico and its officials in cases thought to be of particular legal significance to New Mexico. In addition, the Division provides legal advice to the Office of the State Engineer and the Interstate Stream Commission, and monitors litigation carried out by attorneys working for those agencies who have been granted special commissions by the Attorney General to represent the State of New Mexico.

Protection of New Mexico’s scenic and fragile environment is a priority of the Attorney General’s Office. The division works closely with the New Mexico Environment Department, the Office of the Natural Resources Trustee, law enforcement, and others to protect our environment. This work is directed toward restoring environmental damage, recovering compensation for damages to our natural resources, and criminally prosecuting those who break our environmental protection laws.

Utility rates New Mexicans pay and the quality of service they receive are additional concerns of the Attorney General’s Office. The division actively pursues the Attorney General’s responsibility to represent residential and small business utility consumers by participating in electric, gas, and telecommunications cases that impact large numbers of New Mexicans. The cases may be a rulemaking, a rate case, an effort by a utility to be deregulated, or one of many other issues that affect utility consumers. Additionally, the Division is authorized to represent the State of New Mexico in utility matters before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).