The Prosecutions Division prosecutes crimes throughout the state of New Mexico. Most of the criminal cases handled by the Division are referred by the local District Attorney, based on a conflict of interest or because the District Attorney seeks assistance from the Attorney General in some specialized area.

In addition, the Attorney General has primary or exclusive jurisdiction in the prosecution of other crimes, such as pyramid schemes.

The Prosecutions Division also provides services for victims of crime in cases prosecuted by the division and statewide for victims whose cases are in the appeals process.

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of criminal cases does the Attorney General handle?
Primary jurisdiction for the majority of crimes lies with the local District Attorney. A few crimes, like Pyramid Scheme violations, are prosecuted initially by the Attorney General. On occasion, the local district attorney will send a case to the Attorney General or ask for assistance in prosecuting a case.

If I am aware of a crime having been committed, whom should I call?
If you have any information about a crime, you should contact your local law enforcement agency, usually the city police, the sheriff’s office, or the State police.

Can the Attorney General help me in my dispute with other state agencies?
Generally the Attorney General cannot help resolve such disputes because he does not have supervisory authority over other state agencies. In such disputes, your best bet is to work within the agency, or consult with a private attorney.

As a crime victim, whom should I call for help?
You should contact your local police department, and your local district attorney. If your case is on appeal, you can call the special prosecutions / investigations division who will put you in touch with the victim advocate who handles appeals.

Can the Attorney General help me resolve issues in a criminal case if I’m the defendant?
The Attorney General cannot help advise in their criminal cases if they are defendants because all criminal appeals are prosecuted by the Attorney General, which makes him part of the prosecution team; therefore his employees are prohibited from discussing any criminal case without the express permission of the defendant’s attorney.

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