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Look before you give!
The Charities Unit of the Attorney General’s Office can tell you if a charitable organization is registered with us.  
The Office of the New Mexico Attorney General oversees charities (except for religious and educational organizations) that exist, operate or solicit contributions in this state. The office has the duty to protect the interests of all beneficiaries of charities within its jurisdiction. The Attorney General may conduct investigations and bring legal actions to protect the assets of New Mexico charities and ensure that the assets are used for their intended charitable purposes as well as protect New Mexico’s citizens from unlawful solicitation practices by fundraisers.
Most New Mexico charities and New Mexico private foundations must electronically register and file annual financial reports with the Office of the Attorney General.

In carrying out these charity oversight duties, the Attorney General's Office provides information and assistance to many individuals who serve as directors, officers, volunteers, fundraisers, accountants and attorneys for charitable organizations. The Attorney General's Office also provides the public with certain information on registered charities and their professional fundraisers.

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Charitable Organizations
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The Office of New Mexico Attorney General is pleased to offer electronic registration and filing for Charitable Organizations.


The amnesty from late fees instituted in February of 2010 has expired. If you submitted the relevant and correct documents, entered all information and either submitted or requested an override before midnight February 10, 2011, you are deemed to have done so in a timely manner and the report will be within the late fee amnesty. There are no extensions of the late fee amnesty if you did not take advantage of it before it expired.
Organizations may contact the Charities Unit directly by e-mail at: Char... (click to show)

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The Charities unit has prepared the following answers to frequently asked questions to assist organizations with the registration and reporting requirements pursuant to the Charitable Solicitations Act, NMSA 1978 §57-22-1 et seq and its regulations.

To register your organization with the New Mexico Attorney General's Office click here

Click here for the form to submit a complaint on a Non-Profit / Charitable organization or download the PDF at the bottom of the page.
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