Doing Business with the Attorney General's Office

The Attorney General’s Office may find itself in need of hiring outside expertise in order to provide the best quality service to the State. The Office follows the State Procurement Code as well as the policies of the State Purchasing Division of the General Services Department when the need arises to contract for goods or services. 

Types of Purchases
Agency purchasing includes both term contracts and open market purchases. Formal sealed bids are required for term contracts estimated to exceed $10,000. Multi-term contracts of less than $30,000 per year may be entered into but the term cannot exceed four years. 

A purchase that totals less than $10,000 but more than $1,500 may utilize an informal quote. Such a solicitation does not require advertisement in newspapers but bids from three businesses must be solicited.

A purchase that exceeds $10,000 is made through a formal or sealed bid or through a vendor with a state contract. When such bids are solicited they are advertised in at least three general circulation newspapers.

A purchase for less than $1,500 may be made without going through competitive bidding.

Professional services contract that exceeds $30,000 is solicited, negotiated and awarded through the competitive, formal bid process. There is an exception that may be made because of the complexity of the needed services.

Contract Awards
State law requires that contracts are awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. This means that if the lowest bidder meets the specifications, terms and conditions of the bid, whether formal or informal, the lowest bid receives the contract.

For additional information please consult State Purchasing Division’s Guide to Doing Business with the State.

Requests for Proposal
We issue Requests for Proposal (RFPs) in connect with the need for outside counsel services, such as expert witnesses.   RFPs are usually issued for professional services over $30,000. Current RFPs are listed on this website.